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Rethinking Repetition

December 19, 2010 — Leave a comment

One man’s audience may not be every man’s audience.

Just because something has been said before does not mean it cannot be said again. That is another reason why some ideas are worth sharing again. In fact, the whole concept of social media is based on repetition. Content creators create or mash content. Content share-rs. echo that content. Everybody, at different points, are either one.

Success, sometimes is defined by how many times your story was repeated – how many people liked your video or how many retweets you got on that post. Ideas go viral because of this repetition.

Repetition + your opinion = more valuable comment.
More valuable comment * other more valuable comments = conversation.

That is why it is recommended to add your opinion to a retweet than a simple RT (which is why I find it strange why Twitter promotes retweeting without any edits). Facebook allows conversations around certain events – a statement, link, picture or a video. It is easier to track the (larger) conversation on Twitter (it’s reminds me of IRC).

As people, our opinions vary. Differences abound. But that is exactly what makes conversations interesting. If we were surrounded by yes men (or women), then life would get boring.

But we often hesitate to say something for fear of criticism. The fear exists because we worry we will have to change our opinions. But what if that criticism helps hone our ideas and opinions. I can proudly say that some of the greatest influences in my life were my critics. (That is another topic!)

When in conversation, always keep in mind that – what appeals to one set of people may not appeal to another. It is important to understand that difference and move forward.

Don’t be scared to say something because you think (or know) someone else has said it already. Your audience may not have heard it. And even if they have, some of them may appreciate hearing it again.