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LucidConfusions-Handpicked-Videos-IconHere are some videos I watched and loved this week:

1. The Soda Pop Store

This was one of my favorites. The Soda Pop Store (Galcos) in LA is unique. It sells sodas. And it does not sell Pepsi or Coke. It sells 500 different varities of soda pop from around the world. To be able to do something you love and have the freedom to do it and make money off it too! And mind you, he has built and is sustaining his own eco-system. Both different, small-scale soda pop suppliers from around the world, end customers and restaurants. A definite inspiration.

2. Procrastination

You should see this video if you think you are so busy that you keep stalling from doing the important stuff. What does it mean to procrastinate? I will tell you that another day. ;)

3. Taylor Mason – The World’s Worst Blues Song

Taylor Mason is a comedian, ventriloquist and musician. He has amazing talent with puppets. In fact, he is the only guy I have seen who can talk interchangeably for six puppets (including himself :)). But one of my favorites with him is his music. He plays the blues. This one’s called the ‘happy blues’!

Do you have favorite videos? Share them in the comments section below.