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November 17, 2009 — 3 Comments

wouldWould you unfollow Barack Obama’s (so-called) Twitter account, now that you realize it has always been somebody else updating the account for him?

Would you decide not to get yourself a Mac because Apple so insists on you getting their own hardware and software in the name of total user experience?

Would you continue your credit card because they charged you annual fees and reverted it back only because you called them?

Would you spend three days on a train to travel across the country? Would you still do it if airline prices were not so prohibitive?

Would you trust a business without a website?

Would you stop your doorstep newspaper delivery because you get all your news online?

Would you choose a product/service because they have a bigger/active presence among today’s social media platforms?

Would you switch from Microsoft Office to Online Office platforms because they say they will be ready? Would you switch if you think they were ready?

Would our choices remain the same tomorrow?