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You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But the cover of the book is what makes –

  • the reader pick your book from the book rack.
  • the recruiter choose your resume to read from the pile.
  • a girl look at you in a crowded club.
  • the impression you make when you walk into a room of strangers.

When you think design, do not limit it to the usage of colors and images or to what is printed on paper or on a website. Design encompasses the layout within a retail shop, the font style, size and structure on a research report or even the clothes you wear everyday.

If you notice all successful businesses, books, artists, people – they all have good design. I have yet to find something great but with poor, crappy design.

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When you make your next brochure, website or presentation, think from your audience’s perspective. What is he/she looking for? Don’t tell them all that you know (e.g. list of features). Give them more!

It is like borrowing empty jars from them and filling your content accordingly, depending on the size and shape of the jar. Only when the content is relevant to the user, will they ever show interest. And interest evokes action.