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psa-texting-while-driving-video-stillC’mon, who are we kidding? There are many of us who have used our cellphones while driving. I have used mine (for talking and not texting).  For most of us, we either think we are very good drivers or such accidents couldn’t happen to us. But history has proved many wrong and we wouldn’t want to push our luck that far. As Bill Gallagher said (of course in a different context), “Life’s too short to make all your own mistakes, better to learn from the mistakes of others”.

The video was made in the UK by the Gwent police department in South Wales. They teamed up with filmmaker Peter Watkins-Hughes to produce the PSA (Public Service Announcement). The film seemed to have raised quite an uproar ’cause of its ‘bloody’ details. But if you compare this with the violence our kids are exposed to in today’s video games, what is the big deal?

Here is another video made by studying the reaction times of a texting driver and a drunk driver. The results are quite interesting!

So if you are driving today and you need to use your cellphone, pull over first. At least for the sake of the others on the road. Thanks!