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Dubai: What I miss in India!

September 26, 2007 — 6 Comments

I had been to Dubai to attend Gitex from my company. I must admit that I am impressed by the place. Considering what they have done with what they’ve got. And acquired (literally everything is imported there). Here is a list of things that I enjoyed there, that I miss in India:

  1. Order in traffic. Order in traffic in Dubai RoadsI just enjoyed the rides there. No complications. Drivers follow lanes. No cuttin red signals. They’ve cameras in place literally everywhere and hefty fines if you break the rules. (and it’s obvious that you can’t bribe your way out of it!)
  2. The malls are big and they’re open till very late in the night.Shopping Malls in DubaiI was able to finish my work and still enjoy a good time at the mall. The supermarket opposite my hotel was open 24hours. That was very convenient, even during the month of Ramadan.
  3. The roads are really good. Highways have ten lanes! Ten Lane Highways in DubaiYou can drive at 120km/hr and not worry about the next pothole.
  4. Taxi meters. Seriously. They’re cute. Touch screen. With GPS. At the end of the journey, a bill is auto printed. Even the taxi light above the car is controlled by this meter.Taxi Meters in Dubai (Note: taxis can be difficult to get at peak hours, especially during Gitex.) The other advantage is that there is no haggling when hiring a taxi. I hate Chennai auto rickshaw drivers for this. There is always a waste of time and energy before every auto rickshaw trip I take in Chennai. In Dubai, the only problem you will face is finding a taxi soon enough.
  5. Food seems relatively cheap. A subway beef sandwich (beef is unavailable in Indian Subway) is just 10 AED and a McDonalds BigMac is 15 AED Food in Dubai(including drinks and fries). You may be able to get something cheaper or at the same price in India but there is more purchasing power available to the people there.

Fun LiveBlogging

July 9, 2007 — 1 Comment

On Saturday evening, I made 19 blog posts in the span of 3 hours from my Nokia N73 and wow! it was exciting. I was covering a christian concert and wanted to try out live blogging. I have to admit it was exciting. Accepted that I don’t have a great following, I still saw a good spike in visitors.

I also tried out Twitter and that was exciting too. I used Twitter’s web interface directly from my phone. It was actually easier than using the Mail-to-Blogger feature at simply Him that is hosted on

I even took photos on the same N73 and uploaded them to my Flickr account from the venue. But I could give a link to the live blog because Flickr kept giving me a mobile address ( and I had not set up a Flickr badge yet on simply Him. All that has been fixed now and I have also written my review on the event.

It was a lot of learning for me and I enjoyed it. Ten or fifteen years back, who would have thought of something like this?!

Partially online

July 6, 2007 — Leave a comment

My home connection is still not ready. My phone was connected today but by the time the broadband connection comes alive, I am told will take 4 days.

Anyways I was impressed by the response time from the BSNL guys today. Will let you know about it soon. I need to go home now.  I am looking at new ways to update this blog. Lot of exciting opportunities out there.

You have a great weekend! (I am hoping to attend the Seven program conducted by my church here in Chennai tomorrow.)

The weekend was filled with packing and shifting. We had to shift because our house owner figured his house was worth more than what we were paying him. More because the real-estate market in Chennai gave him that impression! Anyways…we found a place nearer to office. So thats neat. It took us 7.5 minutes to walk to office today. Yipee! (0.5 minutes was spent waiting to cross the Velachery (Chennai, India) roundabout. If you ever come to that junction, make sure you believe in God!)

After shifting, it was not all bliss. Our new landlord actually told us, “As you use the bathrooms, it will get cleaned automatically.” In all my years in this world and using bathrooms, I have never seen a bathroom get cleaner as I use it. If that was the case, we would never need Harpic and Clorox.

Anyways, we shifted in. Cleaned the bathrooms. It still needs more. Puff! We are kinda settled down. We need to get some electrical fittings and call a carpenter and electrician. I also need to get my broadband connection transferred to the new home. I may not be able to blog frequently till that is done.

Have you tried something new recently? In the last six months, I tried the following:

  • learning the guitar
  • design and host a website
  • getting more organised (I started keeping a diary)
  • start a new blog :)

I must admit that I have not been successful in most of the above. But the joy of trying something new is wonderful. And the pleasure of completing it is even better. It keeps me refreshed without having to think of my (official) job all the time!

You should try something new too. Weekends are a wonderful time to do that. It leaves you fresh for the new week ahead. Some of the other things that come to my mind are:

  • read a new book
  • organize your drawer
  • backup the data on your computer
  • learn a new skill or a language

Don’t let the weekend pass you by. Share your ideas here.