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Go figure!

December 30, 2010 — Leave a comment

I made seven posts on this blog this year (eight, including this one). Yes, that is pathetic!

If I resolve to make a post every week in the new year, will I be able to keep it?

I feel like Craig Ferguson who keeps talking about his crappy set and how nobody watches his show. He actually has an amazing show with actual guests and is very popular.

Go figure!

There really is no substitute for content and consistency.

This is one of the best discussions I have seen in recent past. Martin Giles does a great job in moderating the panel. Add two of my favorite authors (the third one just got on my list), you have a WIN!

Direct link to the video on YouTube

I had a discussion today about a client requirement with one of the developers at work. I was thinking we could just build it for this customer and get it over with. I didn’t really see many other customers wanting this. But my developer friend mentioned, “if we build it into the product, our customers will find ways to use it”.

That’s the funny thing about technology. It may be built for certain scenarios. But there is no way, we can consider all use cases. The differing perspective sheds new light.

Today a network that was built for the US defense department in the 60s has transformed the way we communicate, listen to music and shop. Twenty years ago, I had to go to a store to buy a record (on tape). Today, I can download the songs from the Net or just order the CD online.

The Internet was not designed with all this in mind. But differing perspective brings new ideas and is transforming our world every moment.

Kolbrener has come up with a periodic table, but of marketing and branding terms. Quite interesting.

Marketing Table

Marketing and advertising students will find this useful.

Ok! I made that up. But if you were serious about blogging, one thing you would do is “think”. That process can sometimes turn out to be quite useful over a period of time.

Web Worker Daily has an article on “Ten ways to be productive with your blog“. Good read.

I bought Seth Godin’s idea on presentations the first time I read it. And I have strived to follow his rules every time I make one.

But problem arises when I have to make presentations for others. I follow the same rule and when I show it to them, the first thing they say is “Where are the words?” :) (No, I really find that funny!)

We have got so conditioned to seeing bulleted points in PPTs that anything without them seems so vacant. Of course, it is a lot of work, as compared to dumping all the words into the PPT. But it would surely be effective. People are really bored with presentations. They expect the drag. So when you are different, they sit up and listen. If that is your goal, you should seriously think of investing some time into your slides.

Borrowing from Seth Godin, these are the rules that I keep in mind when making presentations –

  • Never use more than 5 words in a slide
  • Do not use the template backgrounds. I generally use plain white and stock images.
  • Images speak louder than words. So if you can find an appropriate image for what you want to say, use it.
  • Never read from the slide. Ofcourse, if you have less than 5 words, then you don’t have a choice!
  • If you want the listener/audience to take back something, give them handouts. But please don’t give them the slides.

It really works. Try it!

Happy presenting!

Have you tried something new recently? In the last six months, I tried the following:

  • learning the guitar
  • design and host a website
  • getting more organised (I started keeping a diary)
  • start a new blog :)

I must admit that I have not been successful in most of the above. But the joy of trying something new is wonderful. And the pleasure of completing it is even better. It keeps me refreshed without having to think of my (official) job all the time!

You should try something new too. Weekends are a wonderful time to do that. It leaves you fresh for the new week ahead. Some of the other things that come to my mind are:

  • read a new book
  • organize your drawer
  • backup the data on your computer
  • learn a new skill or a language

Don’t let the weekend pass you by. Share your ideas here.