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samsung-solor-powered-mobile-phoneMy friend loses his cellphone and gets himself a new one. A solar-powered cellphone.

Unfortunately, I got to photograph only the box and not the actual phone. The phone was too busy changing hands!

But it is really out there. A solar-powered cell phone. Wish they would do something like that for the iPhone. :)

yahoo-india-newspaper-adToday’s newspaper had a surprise! A full-page ad by Yahoo!

There is a picture of a smiling girl on a bright yellow background and the copy says “The Internet is under new management. Yours. ”

The small text reads “A homepage that lets you add whatever you love, an inbox that knows what you like (and don’t) and the freedom to access it from your mobile. Say hello to the new Yahoo! Take charge today at”

It ends with “It’s Y!ou”

It’s interesting to see many online companies taking interest in India. According to Comscore, Yahoo! is the second-most visited site in India, after Google (May 2008). It makes sense for Yahoo! to catch some attention before competition. Afterall, most of the people in India are not online. The last number I saw was 32.1 million. That’s like less than 3% of the total Indian population.

But do you think Yahoo! will be successful in this new strategy? Do you think this will make a difference?

There is someone who always asks, what is a blog or why do you blog? And I still can’t find a lot of friends on Orkut or Facebook!

So that’s why I like this video done by the guys at The Common Craft Show. It explains, as it says, in plain English – what blogs are all about! They have done a great job at it.

Thanks to Matthew for the link.

Technology brings in unique problems. G.P.S. systems that are supposed to help people find the way cannot tell you which is the best route to take, considering the vehicle you are driving.

Britain found trucks, directed by these navigational devices, stuck in the small villages spread across the country. These devices are supposed to tell you the shortest route you can take but does not consider the size of your vehicle or the size of the road!

And now residents of those villages have found a simple solution – take them off the map. You can read the full story here.

Picture Courtesy: NY Times, Danfung Dennis for The New York Times