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Limited Editions & Low Price

November 4, 2009 — 1 Comment

seth-godin-boxed-set-limited-edition-saleIt always works. At least, most of the time I have seen it.

This time, it is Seth Godin’s (wooden) boxed set of five books with a special gift at $64. He says it would cost $100 to buy the books separately from the bookstore.

There are going to be only 800 boxes sold. And when this post goes public, it is already come down to 41 boxes. And it has only been three hours since he made this post.

I wonder if I can sell software like this! :)

How to Advance Your Career Without Selling Your Soul by by Joe Hodas

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What tech vendors really think: The customer is a cow

I updated my WordPress software today. Got it done using the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin. Really nifty. It takes off all the work from you and goes through a systematic approach in updating your version of WordPress software.

I got 2.5.1 and it looks really good. The new UI is very neat and easier to manage. Some new features too – including embedding videos (this wasn’t available in the previous version). In fact, I was all set to use the EmbedIt WordPress plugin but it looks like I don’t need it anymore. I would definitely recommend this upgrade for people running their own WordPress blogs (

Here’s how the new dashboard looks like:

One problem I faced was that I had to reactivate all my plugins manually. For some reason, the automatic reactivation (after upgrade) did not work. But that wasn’t too much hassle at all.

There is someone who always asks, what is a blog or why do you blog? And I still can’t find a lot of friends on Orkut or Facebook!

So that’s why I like this video done by the guys at The Common Craft Show. It explains, as it says, in plain English – what blogs are all about! They have done a great job at it.

Thanks to Matthew for the link.

It has been a while since I wrote here. So to start with – here’s wishing all of you a happy and blessed new year.

It has been hectic at office and church – hence the lag. Right now, I am on my way to Goa, sitting in the Bangalore airport. My flight is at 1.30 p.m. Got a Tata Indicom WiFi Connection – 1 hour for Rs. 50/-. Pretty decent speeds and I am able to access my office mails here too (via VPN). For those of you who came here looking for that information – you need to access the WiFi Hotspot and you can pay online using credit cards or net banking. It’s quite easy to set up but I don’t know about security.

Purpose of my Goa trip – 3 day church meeting. Will try post pictures of the trip. Here’s what Bangalore airport looks like from where I am sitting right now (11.55 am). The Cafe Coffee Day has a Cyber Cafe written on the display but when I inquired with them, they don’t seem to have any Internet access at all!
Bangalore Airport at 11.55am (15 Jan 2008)

Bangalore Airport WiFi Access

I am a fan of comics. Came across bLaugh today.  It calls itself “the un-official comic of the blogosphere”. Some pretty good funnies in there..check them out.

Using Wndows Vista is Torture

Understanding Women

One thing I noticed about the site is that it is slow (during navigation). So to get quick access to all the strips at once, subscribe to its RSS. I do it in Google Reader and all I need to do is scroll down – all the strips gets loaded.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, it was quite easy. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Book domain ( and hosting space.
  • Install blogging software on your hosting. I used WordPress. GoDaddy has a easy admin interface where I was able to easily install it at a click of a button.
    (I installed WordPress in the root folder so that users can access my blog by just going to No subdomains.)
  • Setup (Customize) WordPress. This is where most time was spent.
    • Choose a theme. I used K2. I was using it in my previous blog and I liked its simplicity and framework features. (Themes have to be downloaded (, unzipped), transferred via FTP to your remote server and then activated from inside WordPress Control Center. Again, quite easy.)
    • Import content from my previous blog. I thought this would be the hardest part. But this was the easiest. Easy as Export and Import. All posts, comments and author information was perfect. (The only issue (not exactly) I noticed here is that all images are still pointing to my old blog. I may have to manually change all the links to my current blog.)
    • Setup the side bar. This will be quite time consuming. Choosing what you want on your side bar and then setting them up. Some plugins will have to be downloaded, transferred via FTP to the required folder and activated from inside the WordPress Control Center.
    • Setup RSS via FeedBurner. WordPress does have an inbuilt RSS feed. But I prefer FeedBurner because it has some cool related tools and stats.
  • Update links in third party sites where you were first registered, like Technorati, MyBlogLog, Twitter etc. (This is the part where you can start feeling bad cause you have to literally start from the scratch but I guess it will be worth it!)
  • Inform people who follow your blog
    • Leave a post on the old blog redirecting them to the new one.
    • Inform some close followers by email of your change. (I am yet to get this done.)
  • Start Blogging.

Welcome! is Live!

November 23, 2007 — 2 Comments

I am finally going live here. I moved from Thanks for all the support I got from all of you there. I hope you enjoy your visit here too. (I will try and make it most worthwhile for you.) Please do make sure to update your RSS subscriptions and bookmarks.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Note: On that note, Sreelesh and Seth have very interesting posts.

Note2: I will post details about why I moved to my own domain and my experiences in setting up the blog soon.

The next small step

November 21, 2007 — 1 Comment

New Domain Moving In

Woah! I have fallen too. I have decided to move to my own domain. I have started setting up WordPress on my domain. Will let you know once it is done. I don’t want all of you to see the mess I am making there! ;-)

Ok! I made that up. But if you were serious about blogging, one thing you would do is “think”. That process can sometimes turn out to be quite useful over a period of time.

Web Worker Daily has an article on “Ten ways to be productive with your blog“. Good read.

Fun LiveBlogging

July 9, 2007 — 1 Comment

On Saturday evening, I made 19 blog posts in the span of 3 hours from my Nokia N73 and wow! it was exciting. I was covering a christian concert and wanted to try out live blogging. I have to admit it was exciting. Accepted that I don’t have a great following, I still saw a good spike in visitors.

I also tried out Twitter and that was exciting too. I used Twitter’s web interface directly from my phone. It was actually easier than using the Mail-to-Blogger feature at simply Him that is hosted on

I even took photos on the same N73 and uploaded them to my Flickr account from the venue. But I could give a link to the live blog because Flickr kept giving me a mobile address ( and I had not set up a Flickr badge yet on simply Him. All that has been fixed now and I have also written my review on the event.

It was a lot of learning for me and I enjoyed it. Ten or fifteen years back, who would have thought of something like this?!

The “Seven” concert is about to start in another 2 hours. And I have been testing on how to use my phone and get some posts and pics up during the concert. I will be live blogging at my So if you are interested in what happens in a live Christian concert in India, come on over at