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August 4, 2011 — Leave a comment

Presentations have been a very dear subject to me. More than the actual deck, the whole art of capturing your audience’s attention is what makes the presentation come alive. Unfortunately, I have found no easy way/cheat/hack to get that technique. Some people seem to be naturally good at it while others struggle to make connection with their audience.

The presentation deck is a tool that is used to complement your thought process / talk. But boring presentations are made and sadly, the person writing this is also guilty of the crime.

Michael Hyatt posted this presentation from Slideshare today. It is a great presentation by Jesse Desjardins and I strongly recommend going through these slides for some great points and ideas.

But it got me to my original question – how do I connect to the audience? Having a colorful or fun PowerPoint deck is not going to cut it. The answer is in the last point of the slidedeck above. Preparation.

What does preparation give you?

  • You know your audience.
  • You know your topic.
  • You know your presentation.

And I have said it before and I will say it again: Just because we failed in one, two or ten presentations, it does not mean we give up. I am going to try again.

What helped you make that killer presentation? I would love to hear.

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