If content is king, design is queen

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You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But the cover of the book is what makes –

  • the reader pick your book from the book rack.
  • the recruiter choose your resume to read from the pile.
  • a girl look at you in a crowded club.
  • the impression you make when you walk into a room of strangers.

When you think design, do not limit it to the usage of colors and images or to what is printed on paper or on a website. Design encompasses the layout within a retail shop, the font style, size and structure on a research report or even the clothes you wear everyday.

If you notice all successful businesses, books, artists, people – they all have good design. I have yet to find something great but with poor, crappy design.

If you are going to make a presentation, it is important to pay attention to your slide-deck and how you dress for the occasion.

If you have a website, does it appeal to your reader? If they gave you 20 seconds, it is your design that needs to impress them. Your content takes over only if you passed the 20 seconds test. Google reduced this with their Instant Previews. Now the average time to impress a reader is 3 seconds. (I personally don’t use this feature. Something for another post.)

What does your business card say about you?

When a customer walks into your store, what do you want her to see?

If you are going to write a book or cut a record, make sure you have a great cover. At least they will pick it up to read the blurb on the back or sample the tracks.

After you have cleared this stage, content matters and is still king!

Pic courtesy: mazwebs

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