Pictures: Gazing at the moon

December 21, 2010 — 2 Comments

My fascination with the night sky started very early. I could stare at a star-filled sky for several minutes (I never could do hours because I could never find a nice place to lie down and stare at them!) Anyways, when I got my camera, I had the opportunity to capture those moments. But, I faced two problems:

  • It was and still is too dark at night.
  • The only thing bright enough for me to capture with my camera is the moon. And if you don’t have a tripod, it is going to look like a very bright, shaky studio light.

So I got myself a tripod and read up on the right settings and this picture here is my pick from the first lot.


In case you are wondering if I encountered a blue moon, I don’t think I did. That is a result of the White Balance set on Tungsten.

Shooting Location: Cochin, Kerala, India.

I know the two pictures below are blurry but I liked how they turned out  (or the mood the moon was in). There are also branches from a tree in the foreground that can be seen as a shadow in the second picture below.




Shooting location: Dubai, UAE.

The picture below was actually taken before the picture above (but is part of the same lunar cycle). I took this picture from a roof top in Dubai and I found it interesting that there was very bright, bustling city below. Of course I couldn’t capture the city and the moon in one picture (I actually don’t know how to do that!). But when I looked at the picture after it was taken, it had a surreal feel to it (like if I was alone with the moon!) But then when I looked up from the camera, I see and hear the city again!


Shooting location: Dubai, UAE.

The two pictures below are my favorites in terms of moon size. These are the biggest moon close-ups I have got yet. My biggest advantage was that I was standing on the tallest tripod – on top of the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. And it was not dark yet – so I could take this without the actual tripod. (But I did have to keep my hands steady.)




Shooting location: At the top, Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE.

Note: I have cropped these images to make them look a little aesthetic. But I have not done any other image manipulation on any of the above images.

Second note: This post will also tell you why I don’t post my pictures more often. I have to put in all these details! :)

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  1. Very good man! I’m so impressed with the first, third & last one. Keep on shooting! AND SHARING.

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