A Campaign Against Bad Customer Service

October 16, 2009 — Leave a comment

Bad-Customer-Service-ToonA barber wants to get things done quickly without focusing on the quality of his work. You see he is getting his joint renovated and he cannot afford to close it down for a couple of weeks. That could affect his business. So what does he do? Keep one side of his shop open and make sure every customer is attended to but does not care about what kind of work is getting done. So customers walk out with a bad hair day after spending time in a place where they are supposed to give you good ones.

A tailor is the busiest during festivals or events, so to keep up with the demand, she rushes through the process which ends up with mis-fitting clothes and a lot of frustration. Her staff is under so much pressure they do a shoddy job at every step from taking measurements to the final sew.

A telemarketer does not bother if she has called the same customer three times already on the same day. She is just trying to finish her daily quota of calls.

A restaurant waiter does not bother to keep the hygiene because he has been working from seven in the morning and it is going to be nine at night. He is tired and wants to go home.

A newspaper company introduces a scheme to deliver papers for a whole year and collects money for it too. But they do not bother to live through their promise. Of course, they would just blame the people who are in the business of delivering the papers.

Obviously, all these people and so many others like them don’t bother to change. They don’t care about building relationships. They don’t bother if the customer is happy. They don’t mind if a couple of customers are not satisfied with their work.

They really don’t care about the customer.

We should stop caring for these people too. Stop acknowledging their presence. Stop shopping with them. Stop using their services. Switch brands. Switch loyalties. You are not bound to them. They depend on you. Spread the word on how they ignored you, how they overcharged you, how they didn’t respect you for who you are. Stop them before they become a bigger menace.


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