Execution Ain’t Everything!

September 30, 2009 — Leave a comment

Skulls-Execution-Lucid-ConfusionsI wanted to kiss Seth’s bald head for writing this. He lists the “hierarchy of success”.

Attitude | Approach | Goals | Strategy | Tactics | Execution

    You have heard it said, “It’s all about execution!” But what is the point in trying to execute something you have no clue about?! Execution is the last step.

    I love the way Seth puts it – “Tactics tell you what to execute. They’re important, but dwarfed by strategy. Strategy determines which tactics might work. But what’s the point of a strategy if your goals aren’t clear, or contradict? Which leads the first two, the two we almost never hear about. Approach determines how you look at the project (or your career)….As far as I’m concerned, the most important of all, the top of the hierarchy is attitude. Why are you doing this at all? What’s your bias in dealing with people and problems?..”

    Attitude and approach remain the key steps first. There is no point trying to do something if you don’t have the right attitude or approach. Your strategy, tactics, execution – all can fall apart if you don’t have the right attitude for taking it through.

    Your attitude and approach really determines your success.

    Execution ain’t everything, my friend!

    Image Courtesy: d-riginal from sxc.hu. This is the image I got when I searched for “execution”. I thought it was apt!

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