G.P.S., don’t lead me to the quiet waters!

December 6, 2007 — 1 Comment

Technology brings in unique problems. G.P.S. systems that are supposed to help people find the way cannot tell you which is the best route to take, considering the vehicle you are driving.

Britain found trucks, directed by these navigational devices, stuck in the small villages spread across the country. These devices are supposed to tell you the shortest route you can take but does not consider the size of your vehicle or the size of the road!

And now residents of those villages have found a simple solution – take them off the map. You can read the full story here.

Picture Courtesy: NY Times, Danfung Dennis for The New York Times

One response to G.P.S., don’t lead me to the quiet waters!

  1. interesting – never thought about that. I love my GPS, but I don’t drive a big truck :)

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