Differ with me and let’s change the world

December 6, 2007 — 1 Comment

I had a discussion today about a client requirement with one of the developers at work. I was thinking we could just build it for this customer and get it over with. I didn’t really see many other customers wanting this. But my developer friend mentioned, “if we build it into the product, our customers will find ways to use it”.

That’s the funny thing about technology. It may be built for certain scenarios. But there is no way, we can consider all use cases. The differing perspective sheds new light.

Today a network that was built for the US defense department in the 60s has transformed the way we communicate, listen to music and shop. Twenty years ago, I had to go to a store to buy a record (on tape). Today, I can download the songs from the Net or just order the CD online.

The Internet was not designed with all this in mind. But differing perspective brings new ideas and is transforming our world every moment.

One response to Differ with me and let’s change the world

  1. Core functionality may have been built for a specific purpose, but can be manipulated for many other uses. It’s the reason I attend conferences, to network with others using the same software, but see how others are using it differently.

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