Can’t I get a decent haircut?

September 3, 2007 — 2 Comments

All I asked for is a haircut. A simple haircut. No complexities. A simple medium cut.

But, no I don’t get that. I deserve better. Who decides that? Not me, but my barber! He justifies to me why I shouldn’t get my hair cut the way I think it should be cut.

Is it really necessary to teach the customer always? Haircuts are personal preferences. A cup of coffee or a glass of juice is a personal preference. A car or a house even. We can suggest. But we should never try push it down their throats.

A customer may be wrong about her choices. But it is still her choice. As a salesman, I have no right to breach that. I can be happy only if my customer is happy.

Finally, I figured that if I let my barber touch my hair again, he is gonna screw up more. So I got up and left. (After all, he is the one with the scissor and razor in hand!)

2 responses to Can’t I get a decent haircut?

  1. Nice collective thought.

  2. I pray before going to the barber: “Lord let him cut the hair nicely, let him not cut anything else.” Many barbers cut the way they like no matter what you say about “short”, “medium”, etc.

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