What can I do about all this email?

July 5, 2007 — 1 Comment

Could there actually be a better way to email? Or maybe even a replacement? Om Malik seems to need one very badly. His article in Business 2.0 proposes a “smart inbox that will catch spam in junk filters, display the wine reminder in an IM, move company news to an RSS feed, and intelligently negotiate appointment requests with your calendar in the background, all in one interface”.

But can this problem be solved this way? I don’t think so. Cause as long we have spam control systems, there will always be spammers who find new ways to beat the system. It is either got to be a self-taught spam defense system or the whole concept of web communication needs to redefined. Social networking sites like Orkut and Facebook can work but have limitations that you can communicate with only people who are already on those networks. Not everyone you know are on these networks. These networks could work great for people within a single group like a class or college or organization. I have my doubts.

And as most of the comments in Om’s post suggest, not everyone has an email problem. True, 80% of my daily mails are pure spam. But I am able to wade through it in the first 20 minutes I enter office. I have just learnt how to use both my hands in the process.

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  1. Spam is not email’s only problem.

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