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July 2, 2007 — 1 Comment

You can have the best product or service in your category and suck on service and destroy the whole customer experience and tarnish the brand. I have a BSNL (largest Indian telecom provider – government owned) landline and broadband connection. What I love about their service is the 2Mbps connection. No other provider has been able to beat that in India. I was also able to get the connection very fast. (Earlier, there used to be a lot of paper work and waiting periods.) Their fault response time is very good. The two times I called them, they got back to me before 24 hours.


But my connection kept having trouble. It was a line fault and my broadband connection would keep dropping. The first time, they found that the cable guy pulled his cable over my telephone line and it snapped.

Today I went to the nearest exchange and submitted my request for shifting my connection to the new house. But I was told to submit the application to another telephone exchange (that is 7kms from here). The distance between the two houses would be around a kilometer.

All that BSNL needs to do is accept my application in the nearest exchange and send it to the corresponding exchange for processing. Is that too much to ask? As marketeers, we may be able to create the best offering combined with good marcom but if support fails or if the system is wired wrong, then all our efforts go flat.

We need to look at the system and make sure that customers have a similar or better experience than what they expected from our marketing message. It is afterall the secret of repeat purchases and up & cross selling.

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  1. That is the difference between a company which is privately held and one which is public. You will be attended to your queries and vows only if it is a private company. For the same matter you said above, I am getting enough support from the private company through which I am connected to Internet. They former knows that customer is the king.


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