iPhone Mania?

June 29, 2007 — 1 Comment

I wonder if I will be grilled for saying, “Americans are crazy”. But I have no choice but to feel that way (particularly for the last 6 hours). Reason: I have been following the iPhone release for that long. And all I can hear everyone and anyone talk about is the iPhone. There are long queues.

Waiting for the iPhone the iPhone WaitRobert Scoble, Kristopher
Photos credit: Gabe Rivera of Techmeme

TechCrunch is covering it. GigaOm has a series of posts ranging from comparisons between iPod and iPhone to speculates why Edge is not included in the iPhone. Seth learns a lesson from why Verizon turned down the iPhone. And Zooomr’s Kristopher is playing the host live on Ustream.tv. Robert Scoble is in line. And there are lots more.

In India, waiting in queue for a new gadget (or anything new for that matter) to come out is unheard of. Please correct me if I am wrong. And I find it amazing that people would go to such lengths to do this.

Steve Jobs must be so happy! And GigaOm says there is still 5 hours and 16 minutes left.

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  1. Hey Ashish,

    We do have people lining up in India – remember the govt. owned BSNL announcing their mobile venture and lots of people queuing up to get their SIM cards? What comes to my mind – is it that Steve Jobs and his company has as much an amount of trust around it as that of a govt. owned BSNL? I wonder it should be an Apple-BSNL or an Indians-Americans people comparison?

    Thanks for bringing this to light – the (type/cause) craze of the American people.

    – Sreelesh.

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