Positive Marketing

June 27, 2007 — 1 Comment

Seth Godin talks about Verizon’s rant against the iPhone. Well..it is a memo to Verizon employees on how the iPhone is not such a great phone and what they should know to possibly dissuade customers from getting the iPhone. Seth makes an interesting statement – “your criticism of the phone is also criticism of my judgment”.

Positive marketing means you focus on the pros of your product or service. It also means that the customer understands what stands out in your offering.

Negative marketing may mean harping on the bad points of your competitor – or just plain poking fun! But does it really help? It may just put off the customer and help tilt the scales in favour of the competitor.

Scoble wants to get three iPhones. Wow! But that’s exactly the problem (not Scoble getting three phones!). You see Apple has created such good hype over their latest offering – everyone wants it. And you putting some mud on it is not going to take off the sheen. You need to make yours shine better.

One response to Positive Marketing

  1. Seth you are the best and your positive energy is felt by all of us, but in my opinion the best reason not to get the Iphone is give it time. Battery issues, log on issues, fee issues, give them time to work it out and get the bugs out, kinda like every time Microsoft releases a new version of Windows. You know you want it, gotta have it but wait a bit and it becomes a better product.


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