How much for your smile?

April 27, 2007 — Leave a comment

Indigo Air RampI liked their prices. Their airplanes were comfortable. The service was prompt and good. But when I approached the Indigo airline counter at the Chennai and Delhi airport, I did not see any smile on the lady behind the counter. When I entered the aircraft, the airhostess standing at the door did not smile. When they offered me the complementary bottle of water, there was no smile. It was like they had a ‘no smile’ poilicy. Eeks!

Then I got into a discussion with my friend and he thinks the reason they did not smile at me was because I look intimidating. I have a look that scares people. Hmmm. But really, do my looks really matter? I am a customer. I deserve a smile. Don’t I?

So what if the customer has a stern face? Or if he/she does not even smile back? But they still deserve a smile. Customer service must always be proactive. Every organization must lay down clear rules for customer service. It is definitely not dependent on one’s mood. The airline’s policy must be “Smile at every customer. Whenever you come across them.” It does not cost money. It is not time consuming. It is definitely not difficult.

Interestingly, there was only one person from Indigo Airlines who smiled at me. The man who took my luggage and kept it on the scale in Delhi airport. Now I wonder, where he got that from?

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