Powerpoint Presentations: Where are those words?

April 21, 2007 — 1 Comment

I bought Seth Godin’s idea on presentations the first time I read it. And I have strived to follow his rules every time I make one.

But problem arises when I have to make presentations for others. I follow the same rule and when I show it to them, the first thing they say is “Where are the words?” :) (No, I really find that funny!)

We have got so conditioned to seeing bulleted points in PPTs that anything without them seems so vacant. Of course, it is a lot of work, as compared to dumping all the words into the PPT. But it would surely be effective. People are really bored with presentations. They expect the drag. So when you are different, they sit up and listen. If that is your goal, you should seriously think of investing some time into your slides.

Borrowing from Seth Godin, these are the rules that I keep in mind when making presentations –

  • Never use more than 5 words in a slide
  • Do not use the template backgrounds. I generally use plain white and stock images.
  • Images speak louder than words. So if you can find an appropriate image for what you want to say, use it.
  • Never read from the slide. Ofcourse, if you have less than 5 words, then you don’t have a choice!
  • If you want the listener/audience to take back something, give them handouts. But please don’t give them the slides.

It really works. Try it!

Happy presenting!

One response to Powerpoint Presentations: Where are those words?

  1. Could agree with you more.

    Chris @ rawstylus.wordpress.com

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