Customer, who?

April 2, 2007 — Leave a comment

Last Friday, I got a call – a sales call. It was one of those leading banking instituitions. The lady introduced herself and then started talking about something she would like to introduce – in Tamil. I am not very good at understanding everything in Tamil. So I asked (or rather requested) her to “please speak in english”. Bleep. She had actually cut the phone!

Last Sunday, I was having my lunch. I get a call. It was one of those leading bankin…………”please speak in English”. Bleep. Another sales call cut me off.

What am I supposed to think? How much would it cost to teach those girls to say, “Sure sir, I will connect you to another executive. Please hold.” or “I am sorry, I don’t speak English. But I will ask another executive call you.” What does it really take for an organisation to give good customer service or a good sales call? Some basic courtesy, please!

I visited a photo studio today to get some prints. I carried my snaps in a USB drive. The copy process (from my USB drive to his computer) was very slow. The guy behind the counter actually asked me, “Is this a very old model USB drive?” I bought my Sandisk Cruzer less than six months back!

Customers enjoy it when you treat them well – with respect. We don’t need to stand on our heads for them. Give them the basics first – isn’t that the least we would expect ourselves?

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